Dried plants for remembrance. Useless weeds made precious. A tribute to forgotten layers of time and to systems of value. To the loss of a collective heritage. To the loss of land and forests. To the interconnection of Architecture and memory. To acknowledge the past in relation to the present. Can forms be infused and space claimed, to counter erasure? Can tools of celebration and mystification be used to showcase side narratives? For whom and for what should we build memorials?


In my work I attempt to assemble immaterial and material layers, desires and projections which are interwoven within the physical components I use. Industrial materials for example speak to me of urbanisation, ephemeral architectures and physical work. And when it comes to invisible structures, I see strong similarities between the categorising of the taxonomy of plants (invasive, decorative, useful), the system of labor (career lader) and the hierarchy of creative practices (crafts and art).