Captivated by cultural perception and the history that shaped such construction, my reserach is informed by western fantasies, the reflection of the unfamiliar and the ways cultures are consumed. 

Materials, their intended use and the stereotypes they carry are also a constant source of interest and I am especially interested in categorisations, cycles of production and misappropriation.

My current research looks at the systems of meaning that have been impressed upon nature, flora, and seeds throughout eras of imperialism, colonialism, and globalization. To be more specific, the common perceptions and representations of nature being « neutral », « passive » and « decorative ».


Particularly interested in sociocultural anthropology, urban research, underground artistic networks and the micro-economy of art, I have also been collecting a rich documentation about alternative art scenes, off spaces and self publishing. Following this compilation of data, I design tools and events that enable the general public to be more aware of those practices. Since arriving in Zürich in 2013, I have initiated the ZURICH ART SPACE GUIDE and VOLUMES, Independent Art Publishing Fair.



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